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Thread: Mk2 stalling/choke

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    Mk2 stalling/choke

    Hey guys,

    having a bit of problem with my golf now its getting cold.
    I will start it in morning give it a kick of the gas and once i take my foot off
    It will cut out
    Ive been told its the auto choke/carb.
    Its either in sit there with it stationary before it warms up or drive it hoping it wont die at a
    Started it After i finished work (half4) and had to drive it round and basically rev the bollocks off it for it to sit nicely at 1500rpm
    If its not cutting out its sitting at 2000-2500rpm which does my head in

    Any ideas or advice guys. My boyfriend will probably fix the problem but just want to know more info

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    Re: Mk2 stalling/choke

    Standard pierburg carbs are a constant problem. The best thing you can do is fit a webber conversion to it.

    Quite a easy job (little time consuming) so your BF should be fine doing it.

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    Re: Mk2 stalling/choke

    you can buy a new choke unit from gsf but its a naff fix or you used to be able to get a manual conversion kit

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