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Thread: engine conversion

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    engine conversion

    Hi all. I'm running a 1.05 litre mk2 polo coupe at the moment and im looking at dumping a 1.3 in it. The idea so far is to buy a 1.3 gt and box, strip it, check the bearings etc. The only problem i've got is i dont want to go down the injection route. So after talking to a few mates i've found that someone is fabbing up custom inlet manifolds to get rid of the injection and whack some bike carbs on. So, whos fabbing these inlets of where could i get one? Also is there a standard jetting set-up i could use until i get chance to have all the carbs properly set-up and balanced? Is there anything else i need to get/modify to do the engine conversion?

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    Re: engine conversion

    Not something we normally do but surely you'd need to get the carbs jetted at least to suit the engine or the fueling would be all over the place? Balancing the carbs on a bike is no trouble with the vacuum gauges though.

    One golden rule to try and stick to though - don't build something you can buy! Why not save yourself loads of trouble and just buy a GT that will be set up to run correctly and probably work out cheaper too...

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    Re: engine conversion

    I dont have the money to buy or insure a gt though. I've being a mechanic for 2 odd years now and being to a couple of garages and everywhere i go im not able to do anything, im sat in a bloody mot now so i was planning to buy this engine to strip, learn from and put towards my college work so i can get my level 3 and go to a decent garage and i know once its built i'll want it in the polo

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    Re: engine conversion

    I think it will cost you loads more to do a conversion than to buy a GT and insurance will be way more for a none GT modded up to GT spec (thats before you put it on bike carbs) than just insuring a standard GT.

    Good for college though

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    Re: engine conversion

    Do you know of any other engine that would just drop straight in, or using other engine mounts which would bolt to the standard place on the car? Only reason i say is because im about as good at welding as a pig is at flying! Lol. Im quite eager to do this engine conversion as its going to be a greag learning curve and jusg always wanted to do one haha

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    Re: engine conversion

    Yeah i know what you're saying about buying a gt but i like to fiddle haha

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    May 2011

    Re: engine conversion

    For cheaper insurance you could, get a weber, larger inlet mani, 1.3 Coupe S engine to keep it looking standard which you could rebuild yourself as theyre very easy to work on, and strip it out!

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