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Thread: polo 6n2 crankshaft sensor ?????

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    polo 6n2 crankshaft sensor ?????

    guys my mrs polo 6n3 reg W739scn broke down the other day and my mate plugged his lappy in and found the error to be engine speed sensor or crankshaft sensor as its not firing at all , i rang VW stafford up and they say there is 2 parts for this ,
    firstly can anyone help me as i having got a clue where it is as ive trawled google and places to no sucess and im also told itsd hard to remove can anyone help me as my mrs needs her car on the road Asap please

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    Re: polo 6n2 crankshaft sensor ?????

    Crank sensor is on one of the cam belt pulleys- take the offside front wheel off and you should be able to locate it. Replacing the unit on my Mk2 Golf was a doddle. There should be a bracket holding a sensor that looks like this

    It'll be pointing at one of the pulleys, might be the bottom rear.

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    Re: polo 6n2 crankshaft sensor ?????

    Found this on the net might be helpful dude

    1. Fuel Injector
    2. Hall Sender (sometimes call CIS- Cylinder Indentifyer Sensor, or Cam Position Sensor)
    3. Throttle Body, contains throttle postision sender, idle switch + more
    4. Coilpack- sometimes called DIS or distributorless ignition system
    5. EGR Valve Actuator Solenoid, the actuall valve is underneath on the exhaust manifold
    6. Thermostat Housing
    7. Wiring Plug for Lambda Probe
    8. -Underneath Hose- Wiring plug for Knock sensor
    9. wiring plug for Speed Sender- sometimes called CAS or Crank Angle Sensor
    10. Coolant Temperature Sensor - or CTS
    11. Oil Pressure Switch
    12. Fuel Rail

    It's a pic of a lupo but the engines should be same / similar, i'm sure the crank sensor takes it readings from the fly wheel on the later vags so should be on the gearbox somewhere in the area on 9 on the pic, expect it to be a mother to get to
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