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Thread: seat toledo v5 intermittent with P0411 fault

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    seat toledo v5 intermittent with P0411 fault

    seat toledo v5 with P0411 fault

    Just brought a toledo 2.3 v5 20v an the guy did say that now and again the engine light comes on with this fault an he just turned the light off . It don't affect how the car runs at all as it came on just an I just cleared the fault using the torque pro android app . But I would like to sort it so the light don't cone on

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    Re: seat toledo v5 intermittent with P0411 fault

    Does anything come on the display? eg: emissions. It may be a lambda sensor (there are two - one before the CAT and one after) or air flow meter. Depending on the mileage, it could be the timing chains have stretched enough for the engine sensor to detect it without it affecting the performance but this normally will be accompanied with chain rattle. My V5 has done 117800k and at the moment there is no rattle coming from the chains but it have had it serviced regular.

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    The engine light comes on yeah. And mines on nearly 160k and the engine runs and sounds sweet with no rattles. It has been looked after with full service history and produces 166bhp as it was recently on a rolling road

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    Re: seat toledo v5 intermittent with P0411 fault

    take a photo of the light so we can see which one it is... also did he say what the exact fault was which won't cause any problems?

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    Re: seat toledo v5 intermittent with P0411 fault

    The one with the engine symbol it don't come on very often at all an I just turn it off . I know that code relates to the secondary air injection which dont really affect the running of the car but I just want to try an sort the issue so the light dont come on . Just wondering if there is a common problem an what the fix is

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