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Thread: A lot of problems.

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    A lot of problems.

    Hi everyone,I bought a polo 6n2 GTi back in February under the intention it was in good condition, well it isnt. Probably my own fault into rushing into buying my first car but well whats done is done. Was wondering if there was anybody in Stoke area who would be kind enough to have a look at it for me, quite a few problems I believe. My plan was to dub it but atm im spending all money and time just getting it running properly so the sooner its sorted, the sooner i can do the work I wanted to do. I'm not the best at mechanics which is why im asking for help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: A lot of problems.

    Exactly what kind of problems are you seeing, If you give us some more details there could be some common issues affecting these cars.
    You have discovered that buying a car is a minefield and you really need somebody who knows what they are doing. As you are in Stoke BVR a forum sponsor seem to get a really good write up so they may be a good place to start.
    If it is engine related issues with engine management lights on a VAG-COM lead would be good

    Black new VAG OBD2 OBDII 409.1 KKL USB Car Diagnostic Cable Lead Interface Tool | eBay

    and download the free software from Ross Tech.

    Ross-Tech: VCDS-Lite: Download


  3. 207Bhp 345Lb/ft 14.95 seconds 93mph http://www.staffs-vw.co.uk/staffs-vw...tdi-wagon.html

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    Re: A lot of problems.

    Well the check light has come back on after I changed the Lambda Sensor, but now my mates diagnostics kit isn't connecting to the car for me to check the fault. Also one i can't figure out is when i turn the ignition on, the needles go crazy for a few seconds and all the lights show up along with a new one (triangle with an arrow round it) and also the clock only works while the car is on and the mileage resets every time i turn the ignition on (the counter you reset yourself, not the main mileage counter) according to a mate this could be the alternator? i can't see it myself, my guess is loose wiring or something but as I'm not good at mechanics I dont rate Im right.

    Thanks for the link too! Purchased a lead the other day.

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