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Thread: glow plugs colours

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    Member R0b3rt's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    stafford midlands

    glow plugs colours

    changed the glow plugs on Kermit yesterday and these came out are these good bad wrong really bad or ok

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    Mr Mk3 madmanmart's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Cheadle, Staffs

    Re: glow plugs colours

    Just look used to me,

    You need to worry if there are no tips left

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    Member R0b3rt's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    stafford midlands

    Re: glow plugs colours

    phewwwww thank god for that , hahaha spose your right what do bad ones look like anyhow lol

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    2nd Gear DENTOUT's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    Re: glow plugs colours

    Just changed mine, exactly the same as yours, looked just like that! I cleaned the carbon off, copper greased the thread and refitted, sent the new ones back as I didnt see the point wasting 14 quid on them if they r ok!

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    2nd Gear
    Join Date
    Nov 2012
    Heath Hayes

    Re: glow plugs colours

    You can't really tell a lot looking at them. The one on the right in the picture above I would say is duff. If they have loads of carbon on them they are probably not working. When they do they glow red hot and this burns the carbon off.
    Either check them with a multimeter should be around 1 ohm or connect them to a battery with some jump leads.
    Only if they are 12V plugs though. And just for a few seconds, In the engine they have a nice heat sink in the head to take a lot of the heat away, without this they will burn out if left on too long. On newer cars they have 4V plugs that will instantaneously fry if connected to 12V.


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    Re: glow plugs colours

    plug seems to looking fine and if plug have no tips so it will not work just remove the plugs and clean it first carbon after that check it with the multimeter. if its fine you just replug it.

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