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Thread: Fast clicking noise when trying to start 2001 VW Polo 3 door 6N2

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    Fast clicking noise when trying to start 2001 VW Polo 3 door 6N2

    When i'm trying to start the motor there is just a fast clicking noise and the engine won't turn over.Also the car will only start with a jump from another motor, if i leave the jump leads attached the car will keep running but my battery light stays on.When you take the jump leads off the car shuts down after a couple of minutes and the display starts flashing, the car won't start from the key but the display does light up.Also when entering the car the display ( goes off and on sometimes and flashing until the display is clear and showing nothing. The car dose'nt have central locking and it has a brand new battery on it. been told it could be electric ignition switch,crankshaft sensor. Last try for me as the next step is the knackers yard for her. CHEERS ANYWAY.

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    Re: Fast clicking noise when trying to start 2001 VW Polo 3 door 6N2

    Are all the battery leads connected up properly dude? Certainly sounds like there's no charge going into the battery. Cheapest and easiest fix will be to start there. Also check for corrosion on the contacts and make sure any clamps are clean and tidy.

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    Re: Fast clicking noise when trying to start 2001 VW Polo 3 door 6N2

    Sounds like the alternator to me, not charging the battery thus leaving the battery light on
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