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Thread: mk 3 golf electric window problem

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    mk 3 golf electric window problem

    Hi all, got a problem was hoping someone might be able help.

    Had the windows open all round due to the hot weather put the windows up, but the rear passenger side window made a clonk noise and wouldn't close.
    It will go down using the electric window button, but wont come up!
    Have had the door card off and had a look but couldn't see anything obviously wrong.
    Any ideas?

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    Re: mk 3 golf electric window problem

    sounds like something has jumped out of place... maybe inside the regulator, jumped off the track, grown a little alien with a drum kit??? I'm sure someone on here will have had this problem in the past... either that or give BVR a ring tomorrow or pop in and see them...

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    Re: mk 3 golf electric window problem

    Thanks, goin investigate it more tomorrow, will give BVR a ring though if need be.

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    Mr Mk3 madmanmart's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Cheadle, Staffs

    Re: mk 3 golf electric window problem

    The glass may have slipped and need re-alining...
    1996 Golf GTI 16v
    1997 Golf GTI (Track Car)
    1997 Golf TDI

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    Re: mk 3 golf electric window problem

    Been scrapyard today and found a gti got the regulator and its worked :-). Thanks guys for your help.

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