Hey everyone

Havent been on in a while as i just havent had time but im back and in need of some help if any one can?

this is how m car was when i brought it...

and this is how she is now in danish blue and with the ABF

anyway to the issue

i have converted it to abf myself and had it wired by a vw master tek thing is i carnt get hold of him now and im a bit stuck. the wires to the throttle body were burnt to a crisp so we changed these for new wires but still the throttle body does not self adjust? so the car wont tick over.

On the top of the throttle body there are to pipes which were blocked off but if i unblock the big one it will tick over just too high. the throttle body makes no noise either so if i can make it work i think it will tick over fine.

The car runs and drives well at high revs. if u keep it in the power it pulls like a train but at low rpm and normall speeds it misfires its nuts off but floor it and when it gets to a point all missfies go and its goes off again. i was very surprised at how quick the thing is lol

does anyone have any idea how to sort this? im gussing its a wireing issue. so do you know any good auto electritions? im good at the mechanical side of things just not very good with the wires lol

cheers for any help in advance

thanks Connor