My Mates selling his bora details below

Is my daily, it's a march 2002 originally on a 51 plate but now on a private plate (included - this plate is on national registrations at the value £750)
Diesel - 50 mpg easy and all day long.
cheap tax £77 for 6 months
it's basically a golf with a boot if you don't know
it's the later PD engine and is a 1.9 turbo with 6 speed box.
it's done 128,000 but closer to 129
dealer history to about 84k then normal garages
i've had the cambelt water pump and aux belts done
it's had a new clutch just before i got it
i put 2 new springs on the rear for the mot
just (monday) had 2 new pirellis on the front.

MOT until end of October
Tax only until end of Feb.

Bad points - which is why it's cheap I ain't got time to do it now - i need the cash quick for this project.

passenger rear door is stuck locked - solenoid has failed.
drivers wing has a bit of rust - this is a bora fault.
rear wheel bearing on the pass side is just starting to rumble.
small dent in door - trolley?.

[COLOR=#141414][FONT=Georgia]I'm looking for £1200 firm off the forumees but it's going on the end of my road at £1400 and if i hear nothing in a week ebay beckons.
Located in Rugeley

If interested pm me and I'll pass on his details