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Thread: Mk3.5 Cabriolet VR6

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    SOLD..Mk3.5 Cabriolet VR6

    Well this is just a feeler at the mo as i really dont want to sell but i desperatly need another mountain bike and by selling this ill get the funds and be able to get an estate or something similar.

    1999 on a T reg
    Fresh MOT a couple of weeks ago
    Loads and loads of paper work from the cab and the VR6 donor.

    Started life as a 2.0l 8v auto but has had a full VR6 conversion with manual box. Work has been done to factory standards and you wont be able to tell it didnt roll out the factory like it. Work was done by a chap that works for Venom Motorsport a few years ago.
    Engine has 89k on it.

    Its the Avanguard model so comes with electric roof and Air Con with lecy windows and mirrors.

    The leather was removed at the time of conversion cos it was a bity crappy and replaced with a cloth on and to be honest when its hot with the roof down its way better than leather.

    Other bits fitted

    Momo 280mm steering wheel
    TV DVD head unit with amp and sub in the boot.
    FK Konigsport coilovers that are top adjustable
    Brock B2 9x16 rims all round
    Full Stainless de-cat exhaust which sounds awsome
    Uprated drilled discs and pads
    USA/Jap spec rear bumper which is mega rare.
    HID headlights
    JR air filter
    Braided brake hoses

    Bad points
    Edges of rims have a bit of kirb rash due to he prick that lives opposite me parking his car like a nob making me go over the kirbs a few times
    Little bit of scab coming through on rear arches...not a big thing
    Front end is stone chipped to due the previous ownder commuting of some bad roads in Manchester
    Wing mirror covers are loose and the drivers mirror is cracked due to me slipping the car on the snow getting into my garage and hitting the garage door frame.

    Over the past few months ive spent over £500 getting bits and bobs done to it courtesy of both BVR and DM.

    £3500 07791380062

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    Re: Mk3.5 Cabriolet VR6

    hi just bought this car ...you say top adj coilovers ?how do they work?

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