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Thread: Black MK4 Golf GTI 1.8T - Lots of PIC's

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    Black MK4 Golf GTI 1.8T - Lots of PIC's

    Up for sale is my Golf, it really has been my pride and joy in the short time ive had it.

    The Details -

    1999 T Reg
    130000 miles
    FSH - Service completed 27/07/2011. The service books is not fully stamped as the previous owner had to source the history from VW. I have all the paperwork to show this and the services he had completed which has followed the schedule over the years.

    The cambelt has been changed after 120k with proof.

    MOT passed 20/07/2011, with the only advisory being rear tyres perishing. The tester said this was only slight and they will last a long while yet as they have loads of tread.

    1 months tax

    Over 7k in receipts, I was suprised at the amount of paperwork it had with it when I bought it. The previous owner was maticulous and no expense has been spared with it. I have spent £££ on it since Ive had it having varous little jobs done like polybushed wishbones, rockercover gasket, temp sensor and housing, boost pipes, wheel bearing, front discs and pads all done at a local VW specialist.

    The clutch has been done and there is a receipt to prove.

    It has had a lot of money spent on subtle modifications...


    Anni front valance
    Anni side skirts
    4 Motion rear valance
    R32 rear spoiler
    Rear Black tints and fronts smoked
    C2 short Aerial
    Hella Colour Magic rear Lights
    Hella Angel head lights
    Legal Pressed Plates
    Aero Wipers front and rear
    Rear badge split and colour coded.


    R32 Pedals and dead pedal
    R32 alloy door trim
    Audi TT heater rings
    Bora gear knob
    Leather gaiter with chrome
    Alloy GTI sills


    AP Coilovers
    FK Anti Roll bar
    Polly bushed just about everything

    Replica RS4 wheels (These have been powder coated a few times. Fist was all black and two more changes to get the polished effect on the front but smoked affect inbetween spokes)


    CAT back res Miltek
    Forge TIP - Blue
    Forge Boost Pipes - Blue
    Forge TB Pipe - Blue
    Forge 007p DV
    Pipercross CIA into wing
    Unknown Remap


    Alpine 100x Head unit with USB/IPOD lead in cubby above.
    Alpine Mids, Tweeters and Cross overs up front.
    Kenwood 6x9 in rear
    Sony xplod Amp

    This car has had majority of panels resprayed when the kit was added and to get rid of stone chips and scratches etc This was done 3 years ago so overall this is still in a new condition. People regularly make comment on how good it looks and cant believe its as old as it is.

    The engine pulls very well without any hesitation or issues and feels very strong for a standard ko3 turbo. It feels just as quick as out remapped Leon Cupra. Plus it sounds amazing with the CIA and dv!

    There are a few bad points but not that many...

    The wheel caps had to be replaced and the new ones are a slight different colour. My Plan is to get these done in august so depending when this sells it may be already completed.

    My wife has scuffed two wheels now, they are not that bad but I am planning on getting them refurbed with the caps.

    Air con needs a re gas, again plan to do this next month.

    The bolster in the drivers seat base has gone in one side. I am trying to source somewhere to do this for me at a decent price so again this may be done at time of purchase or it may not. However it doesnt look bad, and the rest of the interior looks amazing.

    There are a few marks here and there, but that is being really really picky. I have noticed some light swirl marks but these will polish out, it is having a full body detail next week, so the body will look even more like glass.

    I looked at many cars before getting this one and none were in as good condition as this one. All the other cars I saw were newer and all the ads said "brilliant condidion" and they were far from it.

    People comment all the time over how good this car looks, and garages I have used have said what good condition it is in.

    The car gives good mpg considering the mods. I average 35mpg going to work and 40mpg on a motorway run. Which I think is bang on considering its pushing 200bhp!

    I am only putting this up for sale now as my wife has started driving it and has scuffed a couple of wheels. The car has been loved to much to be subjected to my wifes poor driving and my kids messing up the inside. I would rather see it go to a new home and save my pocket from getting wheels refurbed etc

    I will look at px or swaps depending on the car. I will look at either 4 doors and fast for me or maybe a 4 door cheap motor for my wife and some cash on top. I can only say no?

    Im looking for £3000

    Please Note - There will be no test drives in my car without a valid insurance doc I can drive should you not have it.

    Cheers for reading and here are some pics..

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    Re: Black MK4 Golf GTI 1.8T - Lots of PIC's

    good luck with the sale mate

  3. Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Black MK4 Golf GTI 1.8T - Lots of PIC's

    Washed, Clayed, Mopped and Waxed today..


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