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Thread: Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled

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    Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled

    Hi guys, based in Stafford me and the transporter.

    1980 T25 1600 air cooled,

    I need someone with a good knowledge of the engine and in whole the body work, to advise if buying a shed or a gem,

    Hopefully someone can help!

    Cheers guys/gals

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    Re: Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled


    I'm in stafford and will come and have a nose with you if you want, i'm no expert but currently restoring a bay window so have a good idea on things aircooled


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    Re: Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled

    Hi stu,

    That sounds perfect, as long as we can sus out the engine condition and body work I'll be happy,

    The interior I can work on so that's no problem,

    I have has a good look around body work and engine, looks and sounds good from the little knowledge I have,

    But someone who knows could save me ££££

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    Re: Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled

    Do you want to meet up then and we'll go and have a nosey

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    Re: Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled

    Yeah, it's located on common road near the tip, saw the gent today he said anytime after half5.

    So whenever your free after half5 is good

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    Re: Person needed!!! T25 1600 air cooled

    Sent you a pm mate

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