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Thread: Will the mk4 gti golf front and rear seats fit my mk2 caddy

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    Will the mk4 gti golf front and rear seats fit my mk2 caddy

    Hi people need some help iv got a mk2 caddy 1997 want to fit rear seats so i can take the caddy and the family out instead of the main car dont ask but like driving my caddy

    are the mk4 gti golf 4 door front and rear seats the same as the polo 6N and would they fit in my caddy mk2

    and is there anything else i need

    can get my hands on a mk4 gti 20v turbo cheap as someone hit my brother in law up the butt so i can get it cheap of them no delt they wont fit but worh an ask

    i cant find 6N rear seats anywhere at mo take it there not the same as the 6n2

    is there any other seats what will fit in the rear

    do the 6n seats even fit the mk2 caddy been told they do hmmm worth checking

    thanks all


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    Re: Will the mk4 gti golf front and rear seats fit my mk2 caddy


    do you know where i can get the brackets/fixings been looking but cant find any...

    i take it theres no brackets in the polo 6n cant i take it all out of one of them or do i need more bits or its missing bits

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