Hi folks,

This is my first post and i hope you will be able to help me, Here goes.

I have recently purchased a 2012 Caddy Maxi facelift which was a standard van. I have recently purchased a new stereo (RNS310) to replace the standard unit. I have installed the new stereo however it would appear that i have no microphone for the phone function. Can this be purchased separately or does it just need coding?.
The second issue i'm having is that i have fitted a mk6 golf multifunction steering wheel which i think also needs coding. Do you know if i need to purchase any other things to make the wheel work prior to coding or is it just the wheel that needs done.

I'm also looking for a new set of seats for my van, preferably leather however i would consider a nice set of cloth seats from the MK6 golf,

your help would be much appreciated.