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Thread: paint codes

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    crusing about

    paint codes

    ive been looking about for paint codes and names ive found a few lists and other than check everyone with the dealers this was the best i found

    As of Model Year 2002

    Solid paints Paint No.

    absolute red LY3F
    amulett red LY3C
    bahamas blue LU5A
    black L041
    bright orange LP2C
    brilliant blue LY5K
    brilliant yellow LY1B
    cameo blue LG5A
    campanel white LR9A
    candy white LB9A
    casablanca LY9G
    concept red LW3A
    cool white LA9B
    cornflower LY5M
    daytona red LU3A
    double yellow LD1D
    evergreen LA6C
    fantasia green LR6A
    flannel grey LL7E
    flash red LP3G
    frisian green LL6T
    ice blue LJ5B
    imola yellow LY1C
    india blue LL5M
    laser red LY3H
    lemon yellow LG1N
    maritime blue LA5E
    nautical blue LF5G
    ontario green LH6J
    orange arte LW2B
    paprika red LK3A
    pastel yellow LF1H
    pearl blue LA5G
    petrol green LF6C
    racing green LB6G
    rape flower yellow LJ1B
    rave blue LR5D
    red LG3L
    sari yellow LN1G
    shanghai yellow LU1A
    soft blue LR5A
    star white LU9A
    surf blue LA5C
    tornado red LY3D
    yellow LD1B

    brillant black with
    clear coat LY9B

    underseal LU00
    cavity sealant LH00

    RAL colours are not listed individually.
    For the paint number the "R" is
    replaced by an "L"

    Metallic paints Paint No.

    agate grey LY7L
    alu–silver LY7M
    arctic grey LS7N
    atlas grey LY7Q
    cobalt blue LZ5Q
    cosmic green LA6P
    cyber green LG6V
    dark elegance green LV6W
    dark nebio blue LV5W
    dark silver grey LV7X
    dolphin grey LX7Z
    elegance green LB6N
    etrusco red LS3T
    fresgo green LA6W
    futura yellow LA1U
    golden orange LB2Z
    green tendence LA6M
    highland green LY6J
    jaspis green LX6V
    laurel green LY6R
    marengo grey LS7P
    maya yellow LY1U
    melange LY1T
    mercato blue LA5M
    mineral grey LY7K
    moon silver LR7X
    nebio blue LL5Y
    pine green LB6W
    planet silver LR7V
    platinum grey LD7X
    ravenna blue LA5W
    reflex silver LA7W
    satin silver LB7Z
    silver arrow LG9R
    silver blue LB5S
    silver grey LD7V
    silver sea LY7W
    storm beige LA1W
    taffeta green LA6N
    titanium LY7P
    trend blue LD5X
    urban grey LD7W
    vulcano red LS3P
    windsor blue LN5Y
    yucca green LS6T

    Perlescent paints Paint No.

    amethyst grey LZ4V
    andorra red LZ8N
    arrow grey LZ7W
    atlantic blue LZ5R
    batic blue LG5T
    black magic LC9Z
    blue spirit LB5X
    blue–anthracite LC7V
    blue–atmosphere LC5W
    bright green LC6M
    cactus green LZ6L
    canyon red LC3K
    cashmere grey LZ1T
    colorado red LB3Y
    dark colorado LV3Z
    dark spice green LV6X
    dark techno blue LV5U
    deep blue LB5R
    denim blue LZ5W
    dragon green LC6P
    ebony black LZ9W
    fjord blue LR5V
    goodwood green LZ6X
    green collection LC6W
    hibiscus red LZ3L
    indigo blue LB5N
    inky blue LC5X
    jairpur red LZ3S
    jazz blue LW5Z
    marlin blue LC5R
    merlin LZ3W
    ming blue LZ5L
    moonlight blue LC5M
    murano red LC3X
    nemo blue LZ5S
    nimbus grey LZ7X
    nogaro blue LZ5M
    oceanic green LC6X
    petrol B5W
    pine green LZ6S
    racing green LZ6H
    raven black LZ9V
    riviera blue LK5S
    ruby red LZ3N
    samba brown LZ8P
    santorin blue LZ5K
    spice green LH6Y
    steppe grass LZ6W
    techno blue LW5Y
    volcano black LZ9U

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    Re: paint codes

    Again sorry if this is an old thread but I've just see a guest browsing it.

    VW Paint Codes

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