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Thread: vw golf door problem

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    vw golf door problem

    Hi i have a mk5 golf 5 door and i came to open one of the back doors today and its stuck.Its never done this before any idea how to solve this problem chaps?

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    3rd Gear Shaun Cox's Avatar
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    May 2012

    Re: vw golf door problem

    Can u open it from the inside as I had this happen on my mrs megane scenic but unlucky 4 me It was the one with the child lock on so I had to take the interior Panel off and open it that way to find a clip had broke so the outside door handle wasn't working

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    Golf mk4 tdi 130 mickstoke's Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    Re: vw golf door problem

    yeah if you pull open the handle slightly you will see the cable end! it clips into the handle. Use a pick and unclip the cable. push the handle and cable into the door and it should allow the door to unlock, you should then be able to open the door from the inside! then you have to take the handle blank out to push the cable back in! if you need a hand i can help you

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    Re: vw golf door problem

    Thanks for all the help i will try this weekend when i get more time thank you.

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    Re: vw golf door problem

    Problem fixed the door popped open yesterday as i got it out the garage.I took it to midland vw in norton canes to guy called jody and he fitted new module and said that would cure problem.

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