It is advisable that the sill plates are installed on a warmer day or alternatively lightly warm the area of application with a hair dryer.

Identify left and right sill plate parts

  1. Use the alcohol wipe provided to clean the door sill to remove all dirt, water, moisture and grease from the paint surface & allow to dry
  2. Lightly mark the chosen position of the sill plate on the door sill
  3. Peel back & fold at right angles the first 2" of the double sided tape protective backing on the long edges so that the tabs created extend beyond the edge
  4. Remove backing from the double sided tape at each end of the sill (short sides)
  5. Locate sill in position & press down each end
  6. Using tabs created on the long pieces of double sided tape slowly peel down the length being careful not to tear the backing part way (rear edge first)
  7. Press the sill plate down fully
  8. Repeat for other side