Hi all,

My springs have finally had enough abuse on the golf so its time for me to look at coilovers.

I fitted new springs about 2 years ago as the current springs would of defiantely failed on the MOT.

This was just a temporary fix before I switched to Coilies but they have done me well and have probably ridden over most potholes of Stoke without any problems.

Can anyone recommend a decent cheap set? I know with Coilovers getting 'cheap' ones isnt the best desicion but at the moment Im getting a knocking noise from the nearside rear when I drive on any surface.

I'm willing to spend between £150-£200 for a full kit and I have seen the FK and JOM which retail for around the same price.

Can anyone recommend which is best or another brand that they can suggest?

Again im not someoene who spends on £££ on my car. this is down to having 3 other cars that are currently projects. I just need something to get rid of this awful noise going from A to B!