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Thread: new sub

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    Chatter Box tatt's Avatar
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    Mar 2012

    new sub

    Just put this in the wagon
    BlackAir Hybrid 12 Twin Active Enclosure

    The BlackAir Hybrid 12 Twin Active is a world first, combining both Bandpass and Vented enclosure technology in an active Twin enclosure. Pushing the boundaries of audio innovation further than ever before, the Hybrid 12 takes bass performance to the next level with an enclosure capable of both super deep bass and tight accurate bass on demand.
    An active enclosure with 2x built-in amplifiers and master pre-amp, the Hybrid is built for Loud, Deep, Hard Bass. The BlackAir Hybrid 12 is not about compromise, you no longer need to choose between tight accurate bass and hard deep bass, finally you can have it all…

    Two BlackAir Subwoofers

    a) The front gasket is made from high quality machined aluminum for a high-end aesthetic.
    b) The BlackAir’s Black Edition cone was designed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for optimum rigidity to weight ratio, the hybrid woofer cone is made from an absorbing polypropelyne and fiberglass. The result is increased depth and clarity of bass.
    c) The BlackAir’s dual progressive poly-glass spiders provide control and stability of the woofer cone whilst minimizing weight.
    d) Whilst traditional rubber surrounds will have different suspension characteristics at the extreme ends of excursion; The BlackAir instead features a specially developed foam rubber multi-roll surround allowing much better linearity throughout the subwoofers excursion range.
    e) The angular torsion basket provides rigidity and support for the motor and moving parts of the subwoofer. The 5 vented arms of the torsion basket cradle the coil and allow it to breathe cool air when in motion.
    f) The subwoofer motor was designed using FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics) giving linear flux saturation and low distortion, to ensure great sound quality. Using FEMM we can use the maximum magnetic force of the magnet to drive the cone.


    The Bandpass section provides the Deep Bass. In a Bandpass design the subwoofer is placed inside the enclosure where it can be worked much harder, with increased pressure on the front and back of the cone. The Bandpass section works the BlackAir subwoofer much harder with greater efficiency resulting in considerably more volume, and greater bass presence for an overall bigger, deeper bass sound.
    Vented Bass Reflex

    The Vented Bass Reflex section gives the Hard Bass. The aluminum clad letterbox port is precisely tuned to deliver one crunching low bass coupled with brutal punch, and paired with the BlackAir Black Edition 12” subwoofer gives increased bass delivery of up to 3dB over the standard BlackAir Vented enclosure.

    Dual Flared Turbo Ports

    The Bandpass section features dual flared VIBE TurboPorts for smoother airflow and cleaner bass. A VIBE PortPlug (available separately) can be used for variable tuning options of +/- 5Hz allowing you to tailor the sound output of the enclosure to your musical taste.

    Unique Remote Control

    The included remote control has separate level controls for each section, by fine tuning the Bandpass section (deep bass) and the Vented Bass Reflex (hard bass) section you can tailor the sound to suit your taste.

    Master Pre-Amplifier

    Each sections dedicated power amplifier is controlled by a master pre-amplifier for superior sound quality.
    The pre-amplifier is FastPlug compatible allowing quick, safe and easy removal of the enclosure where luggage compartment space is needed.

    What’s in the box

    » One VIBE BlackAir Hybrid 12 Twin Active Enclosure
    » Hybrid Remote Control (with 5m of cable)
    » High Level Input Cable
    » Manual
    » VIBE sticker
    » 12 Month Warranty card


    Blackair subwoofer loaded into the enclosure
    Cone designed using finite element analysis.
    Made from high quality machined aluminium.
    Provides low distortion and linear flux saturation
    Subwoofer achieves better linearity via the subwoofers excursion range.
    Anti Resonance Bass Support System
    Provides rigidity and support for motor and moving parts.
    N-Wedge Pro Design fits in most vehicles with angled subwoofer.

    Twin 3" ports deliver bone crunching bass.
    Control and stability of the cone with high power handling.
    Dual ported enclosure allows for three different variables of tuning.
    Specially designed cone support adds rigidty without excessive weight.

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    3rd Gear Shaun Cox's Avatar
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    May 2012

    Re: new sub

    im likeing that wouldnt mind it in my car lol

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    scoobie987's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Chell Heath, Stoke

    Re: new sub

    I wouldn't hear it over the sound from my exhaust.

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