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Thread: My viking resto

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    My viking resto

    Hi all some info and pics of what i've been up to on getting my camper solid again

    Bought the camper last year, to use for holidays with the kids etc and to feed the need to a classic motor to ticker about with

    This is what she looked like

    a bit of a poor photos and never took any more of when i first got the van as i was to pi$$ed off thinking how i was going to sort the major rust issues in the roof that i found while striping the interior out

    This is what i found

    So after a few conversations most with with the same answer (fook it off), I decided to fix it and after phoning around the usual breakers i found a good rust free roof on ebay, the deal was done and of went to Bristol to collect it.............

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    Re: My viking resto

    With the new roof in the garage i set about the van with a big disc cutter borrowed for work and i cut the roof of the bus

    Picture taking isn't my strong point i just like to get stuck in, so have got any pics of my convertible camper but it was a strange looking beast

    So after many hours of fettling and measuring the new roof was in place

    Then it just needed welding on so i cracked out the mig and got stuck in

    At the back i cut of sections of the rear corner panel (needed replacing any way) to access the rear posts

    Then the A and B posts where welded up

    The middle post was case of trimming back the side panels and welding it up

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    Re: My viking resto

    With the roof done i had to decide what i was going to do with the window panels

    Since the bus started life as a panel van my original plan was to go back to a panel, but with panel sides not available i went for prober recessed window panels using LHD panels and modifying them to fit, this just left the middle window but a LHD panel would be of any use

    Ebay saved the day again and i found this damaged old panel

    and with the help of network rail it was transported up from south Wales to the midlands

    Again i didn't take many pics
    Middle panel removed

    Some pics with all the panels fitted

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    Re: My viking resto

    Then i started on the back end

    Firstly engine and tank out

    Then i cut out the rusty bits, rear corners, rear valance, battery trays, rear chassis covers and some other grotty bits

    I cleaned up the chassis rails made some repairs to the wheel tubs and rear posts and fitted a new inner valance

    I had a problem with 1 of the tinware panels not fitting correctly (thats repro panels for you)

    The panel for the other side was a sound fit

    So with a bit of modification i made it fit like it should

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    Re: My viking resto

    The problem i now had with the window panels was that i had no inner panels to finish off the inside and add some extra strength
    This is due to fitting the proper recessed window panels mine was originally a converted panel van

    so after some head scratching and playing with some scrap steel i came up with a solution
    with some measurements written down i went to the local metal place and had some panels made up

    and this is the end result

    And with all the welds cleaned up and i like of paint

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    Re: My viking resto

    Next came a delivery of yet more panels

    So i started to look at the best way to fit to fit the rear corners as i wanted to get the rear end pretty much finished off before i moved to the front end

    While having a brew and pondering i started to look at the drivers rear arch that had a couple of little scabs on, fired up the grinder with the trusty wire brush and removed all the paint and some filler, both both lowers corners of the arch had poor repairs in the past so since i have a full arch in the garage a cut the whole lot off

    I was quite happy the inner arch as it's mainly sound with only some local repairs needed

    This then made look at the middle sill area, it looked if it had a fair amount of filler on it and i wasn't wrong, it was a good half inch think in places

    This is what was hidden beneath

    With finding all this on the drivers side i thought it best to check the passenger side, so with the grinder off came all the paint around the rear arch, sill and front arch

    A new arch had already been fitted in the past and this turned out to well done, so had the out sill and the inner is solid as well, bonus
    So all whats need down the passenger side is a b post repair which i will sort out when i come to do replace the front arch

    I knew that both the front arches needed replacing anyway so that was no surprise

    Next is to get most of grot cut out on the drivers side see what i need and get spending
    Then hopefully i can get the rear end and sides finished off before she goes back in to the garage for the winter to give the old bank balance a chance to recover

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    Re: My viking resto

    This is pretty much to where i am now
    It's only took 6 months to get this far and i haven't even touched the front end yet, well i knew it was a long term project

    Started the cut off the sill etc

    Which then lead to having to cut away some of the floor cos a poor repairs

    Than i started to remove the outriggers and jacking points

    Yesterday i cut even more grot away and i'm now thinking of replacing the whole cargo floor
    I will keep updating this as i go with plenty of pics and some blurb

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    Mr Mk3 madmanmart's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Cheadle, Staffs

    Re: My viking resto

    Strong work your putting in there, I think I would of weighed it in after discovering the extent of that rust.

    Loving the use of filler too.

    Keep it up
    1996 Golf GTI 16v
    1997 Golf GTI (Track Car)
    1997 Golf TDI

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: My viking resto

    cracking work ,well done on saving a classic .

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    Active Member Buckers's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: My viking resto

    Bloody hell mate, that's an epic amount of work you've got there.

    Nice job so far though

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