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Thread: Traffic Signal Recognition on a 2017 A6

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    Traffic Signal Recognition on a 2017 A6

    So I took delivery of my new A6 BiTdi Avant Quattro on Saturday to replace the now 5 year old 3.0 tdi Avant Quattro that went to a new home in Essex last night. Interesting comparison between the two cars. The BiTdi obviously has more grunt, but the older one with the STronic felt more ‘nippy’ when I jumped back in it, I guess due to the gearbox differences. Just getting use to the new gadgets having just the tech pack on the older one, but now have the advanced so have lane assist, AAC on top. Enjoying the active sound, not too intrusive, just a nice deeper burble, but wondering about adding the Kufatec enhancer?
    more: xe tai dongben

    I have done some of the VCDS mods I had previously and some new ones to include

    · Beep when lock
    · Turn off seat heating memory after ignition off
    · Change time seat heating on setting 3 from 10 mins to 15
    · Change default AAC distance from ignition on
    · Turn off seat belt reminder
    · Turn off footbrake required and seatbelt on to disengage handbrake
    · Enable Laptimer – only use for this is the oil temp. Is there a way to get the oil temp into the trip computer area like on an old Golf GTi?
    · Needle sweep

    I had VIM before, but never used it, so as VCDS doesn’t work for turning VIM on/off, I can live without it. Will VCDS catch up where OBDEleven and VCPro seem to have improved as they seem to be able to enable more options at present on FL models?

    Still to do or check is:-

    · Disabling engine stop when opening car door after moving – mine seems to have the suggested coding already in the relevant byte, so may not need
    · Adjust consumption in DIS – will do this once I have some accurate MPG readings over next few thousand miles. The last car was over optimistic by c 6% generally
    · Adjust Audi Parking System switch off speed
    · High Beam Assist speed Threshold – will do this once I have seen how it operates in real life

    I would like to have a battery voltage reading, but can’t see how to do this. VCDS can’t enable the green menu on a FL model, which is where I think it is enabled, any ideas how to achieve? Trying to enable in 17 Instruments through an adaptation gives an out of range message.
    more: xe tai 2 tan

    The one I would really like to enable is Traffic Signal detection – I have it in the menu now, but it is greyed out, which I achieved by enabling it through an adaptation, so may have done some of the coding listed below by accident, I haven’t had the guts to run some of the other suggested coding. So far I have seen the M1tchy coding, but note he used a Kufatec dongle in the end. Would be nice to crack the coding without this. So the M1tchy coding is

    - 17 Instruments, Long Coding, Byte 05, Bit 2 on
    - 8E Image Processing, Long Coding, Byte 02, Bit 0 on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/cardevicelist, VZE on
    - MMI Hidden Menu: car/carmenuoperation, VZE => 5

    I don’t have the hidden menu, so the last 2 options wouldn’t work, but as I already have it in the menu, they are perhaps redundant?

    The other coding I have seen relates to other VAG Models, and includes A5 (front / advance camera) which doesn’t exist on my car, any ideas on the corresponding module?

    5F (Information Electrical) > Adaptation
    Select channel (63) vehicle function list BAP traffic_sign_recognition_0x21

    Select channel (151) vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification

    Select channel (153) vehicle menu operation-menu_display_road_sign_identification_over_thresho ld_high

    A5 (front / advance camera)
    Security access
    Access Code 20103
    Control unit Long Coding
    Byte 1
    Bit 0 Activate - "01 Traffic Sign Recognition (FTE) active"

    A5 (front / advance camera) > Adaptation
    Select : channel numbers indicate end of speed limit
    Importance to actively invest Show Valid suffix
    View Channel Valid suffix
    Corresponding value adjust default: 00100111

    Select Control unit 17 (Dashboard)
    Control unit Long Coding
    Byte 5
    Bit 2 Aktivate
    Tags: giá xe tải van dongben

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